Love and Friendship Series

Series set after the final episode of The Sentinel television series. Does Blair become a cop, does he cut his hair finally? What happens to Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg's partnership if he does or does not?

Love and Friendship--MA How it all began. First Time Story

Dinner Can Wait--T First Senslash story author ever wrote.

Jim's Bed--MA First explicit sex scene author ever wrote.

Destroy the Evidence--MA Ellison finds out something about Blair and Sweet Roy.

Time's Up--T To be or not to be a cop, by Blair Sandburg?

Remaining Silent--MA Another step in Jim and Blair's sexual relationship.

Mister Sandburg--M An old adversary returns to Cascade.

Family Gathering--MA The day after the events in the story "Mister Sandburg."

The Road to Hell--M Blair has good intentions.

Black and Gold--T Blair discovers one of Jim's secrets.

Keys of My Soul--MA Blair Sandburg makes a decision and like usual his timing is unfortunate.

Love Lost--MA Blair attempts to deal with the aftereffects.

Strange Relationship--T Blair Sandburg has to get a few things settled while on a trip to Washington, D. C.

From Black to Grey--M What was Jim doing back in Cascade while Blair was away in Washington, D. C. Companion story to "Strange Relationship."

Come Along: From Black to Grey Part II--MA A stranger comes to Cascade, Jim asks Blair a question and the boys get a houseguest; not necessarily in that order.

Hands of Time--MA The prodigal son returns, plus one.

Love Leads to Isolation--MA Jim and Blair's sexual relationship is in flux and it doesn't help that they are still staying at William Ellison's home.


Disclaimer: The Sentinel is owned etc. by Pet Fly, Inc. These stories are not meant to infringe on, nor are they endorsed by, Pet Fly, Inc. and Paramount.


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