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Highlander Sweet Conflict Series

Sweet Conflict Series
by Jessica Lynn Blackstone


Sweet Conflict is a series of stories that retell Highlander: The Series after the television episode Till Death with one important change. A sexual dimension to Duncan's friendship with Methos develops. Primarily told from the Really Old Guy's perspective.

MA Mature Audiences Rating for Explicit sex and violence

Duncan's wedding gift to the de Valicourts is in pieces. Will he ever forgive Methos?   

What is Dawson doing in Paris and where is Methos?   

Just what does Methos do when not around Duncan?  

There's an immortal in town preaching about love and peace.   

An Interlude after the trip to a mall.   

Duncan, Joe and Methos go to a boxing tournament.   

A day in the life of the ancient immortal and that highlander guy is still around as well.   

Methos competes in the Wheel of History game show.   

When you're an immortal, living is far from being a good thing.   

Who will survive when a Watcher, Two Immortals, and One Regret are all in Paris?   

One who is deficient in judgment, sense, or understanding.   

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All characters belong to Panzer/Davis. These stories are not meant to infringe on, nor are they endorsed by, Panzer/Davis etc. 


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