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Work in Progress Stories

Sentinel: Highlander: Stargate SG-1: Numb3rs--coming soon

Here's a belated Merry Chrismas! The next story in the lawyer blair series is finished. <wink>

The next Sweet Conflict story is next on the agenda. However, I might at least get started on the next Love and Friendship Sentinel story.

I do not plan to abandon any of the stories that are still in progress. In addition I will write at least two more stories in the Love and Friendship series so I can complete some of the plot lines that I introduced in previous stories.

Sentinel Au:: False Reflection--Completed 12-26-2006

Sentinel: Love and Friendship Series::Not begun yet

Highlander: Sweet Conflict X--Living with a Myth: Kisses and Lies

Numb3rs--coming soon



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