J. L. Blackstone's 
Sweet Conflict Series

Sweet Conflict
Duncan's wedding gift to the de Valicourts is in pieces. Will he ever forgive Methos?

The Honeymoon's Over
What is Dawson doing in Paris and where is Methos?

Fall From Grace
Just what does Methos do when not around Duncan?

Return of the Nomad
There's an immortal in town preaching about love and peace.

Between the Raindrops
An Interlude after the trip to a mall.

Duncan, Joe and Methos go to a boxing tournament.

Beg, Steal, or Borrow
A day in the life of the ancient immortal and that highlander guy is still hanging about as well.

Bodies Close but Souls Apart - A
Methos competes in the Wheel of History game show.

Bodies Close but Souls Apart - B "Masques"
Living is sometimes, nay, 'often' harder than dying for the world's oldest immortal.

Faded Dreams
Who will survive when a Watcher, Two Immortals and One Regret are in Paris at the same time?

One who is deficient in judgment, sense, or understanding.

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