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    Greetings and Salutations from your friendly neighborhood slash writer. I began to write slash in 2000. I got my feet wet in the Sentinel fandom. Originally I started writing because I was disenchanted with the way Jim Ellison was being written in the fandom at that time. Too feminine and not at all like a cop. Although I am female, I was raised in a cop family and as such have been around cops, and the legal system way too much. So I attempt to write "Jim the cop," who happens to fall in love with Blair along the way in the Love and Friendship Series.

    Lawyer Blair Series
    The Lawyer Blair Series came into being at a request from PattRose. My Mongoose Ezine had sent out their first issue from what I remember. They were putting together a Many Face of Blair ezine and were looking for authors to write some Blair stories set in an alternate universe. I was honored when Patt wrote and asked me to contribute. I had never written an alternate universe and decided I'd like to take up the challenge. I decided that I would write a gay romance with all the appropriate cliches that abound in a "bodice ripper." Legalities of Love was written in two weeks. All the feedback received for Legalities led to the continuance of the series. This series is different in that it chronicles the beginning of a relationship and all the pitfalls inherent therein. As of story #4 Black Holed Heart, Jim and Blair have known each other about a month.

    Sweet Conflict Series
    My interest in Highlander: the Series grew from hearing from the mailing lists that there was another male couple even more slash worthy from their on screen portrayals than Jim/Blair. Methos and Duncan. The paint brush scene was telling but my creative spark absolutely exploded with the episode Till Death. Hence the Sweet Conflict Series was born. Methos is the character IMHO which made Highlander a "show." I plan to continue the series all the way to the events in the movie Highlander: Endgame. This series is very different from my others. It is a deliberate retelling of the episodes with a slash romance between Duncan/Methos occurring after the episode Till Death. All the events/dialogue from the episodes remain, but with a little added spin.

    This webpage
    I thought this website layout was so beautiful that I wanted to use it but didn't want to have to change all the links on the other pages if i used it for the index or main portal page. Thus, I decided to put up a page giving a more detailed summary of each series.

    Demographic Info
    Grad Student in Sociology--specializing in crime and deviance. Physically, I look like a female Blair, but with the cognitive skills of Jim Ellison. There's a long discussed debate in criminology/criminal justice on whether a certain type of person becomes a cop or does being a cop changes a person's personality into the "cop way of thinking?"

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